We work with influencers, non-profits and other organizations to address complex challenges facing young women and girls worldwide.

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CouldYou? Cup

Around the world, menstruation is heavily stigmatized due to a lack of education and cultural beliefs, which can limit girls’ access to school, hygiene and interaction with their community. CouldYou? Cup is committed to making sure that no girl will miss a day of school because of her period. CouldYou? Cup and More to Her Story have partnered to give space for girls to creatively share period stories and shatter stigmas that contribute to period poverty.


The Lewis Institute for Social Innovation

The Lewis Institute for Social Innovation educates young, entrepreneurial leaders to advance the Global Goals by creating economic and social value simultaneously. The Lewis Institute and More to Her Story have partnered to help reach a broader audience of young entrepreneurs and trailblazers to affect change on a global scale.



StoryNow is a creative agency and production house that lives in your phone. StoryNow uses the best practices of storytelling to create templates while making the filmmaking process for their users as easy and effective as possible. StoryNow and More to Her Story have partnered to help young women and girls tell their stories in a simple, visible way.